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Budget Decorating With Bed Linens


Bedroom on a Budget

As you decorate your bedroom “retreat”, you might want to keep in mind that it is easier to change smaller items than the larger and more expensive items.  When you choose a comforter or bed sheets, you can select something in a bright color or bold pattern if you so desire.  However, these items may be more expensive to replace should you decide to redecorate later on.  Perhaps you will want to find a more neutral color and add accents through decorator pillows or throws.

When you start your decorating, one suggestion is to remove all clutter from your bedroom.  If you have a lot of trinkets and knick knacks that you really don’t care about, take them out of the room, keeping only the things that mean a lot to you.  Your bedroom should be about relaxation and sleep.  I know that many people have TVs or other electronics in their bedrooms, and I’m not in a position to say they need to be removed.  However, if you want to think of this room as a retreat, you might want to really consider how to make it one.  If removing a TV helps, then by all means do so, but ultimately the choice depends on the mood you want to create and your lifestyle. 

I emphasized that the bed is the focal point of the room.  If you are planning to replace the bed sheets, you might want to wait until there is a white sale so that you can buy the best quality sheets at the price you can afford.  You also might want to stay with neutral colors such as white, beige, or gray, because these colors will go well with most color palettes.  You won’t have to replace them every time you decide to redecorate your room.  You could do the same with drapes and comforters as they are the most expensive items to replace in future redecorating.  You can use less expensive accessories such as decorator pillows, wall hangings, and such to add color and pizzaz to the bedroom.

Next think of the mood you want to set in your bedroom.  Do you want quiet and tranquil?  Then, you might choose paler shades of a color.  If you want something more dramatic, you would probably choose bold contrasting colors.  If you are unsure of just what color you want, take a look in your closet.  Most people choose clothing in the color that they like or feel good in.  This might give you an idea of what colors you really enjoy. 

One tip is to divide the colors into three groups.  The dominant color makes up about 60 percent, the secondary color is 30 percent, and 10 percent of an accent color.  The walls will most likely be the dominant color with the  bedspread or comforter and drapes as the secondary color.  Any art, decorator pillows, throws, or floral arrangements would add the accent color.  Should you decide later on to redecorate, you could change the items in the accent color which would give the bedroom a new look without too much expense.

When choosing accessories, remember that texture adds interest and pleases the eye.  You could choose decorator pillows in the same color with different textures and patterns.  After you have added these final touches to your bedroom, stand back and admire all you have done without having to spend a lot of money!!!!


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